creates a sense of balance through music, sound design, photography, videography, words & movement. A child of the 1960s and student of quantum consciousness, she infuses the wondrous nature of the universe, with all of its infinite possibilities, into the fabric of her creative endeavors.

As Trumpetista, composer, sound engineer and producer, Electricmeg has been involved in music for over 40 years and specializes in improvised, world-beat electronic & acoustic spirit music.

She’s a web developer, highly experienced with computer hardware, software and networking, and is in the process of becoming a blockchain expert.

Growing in up Goshen NY she was active in the musical life of the town and branched out to study at SUNY Potsdam, the Eastman School of Music and the Berklee School of Music. She  performed with the New York City Youth Symphony Orchestra from 1981-1983 before heading off to the Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, where she received a Bachelor of Music Education in 1988.

After college she moved to NYC where she pursued a dual career, splitting time between music performance and assisting Wall Street to transition to the digital world. She began writing poetry and composing music while playing with a wide variety of ensembles including punk, jazz, classical, rock, worldbeat and klezmer.

In 1997, she debuted her first work, Le Collage C’est Fou!!, a funk-driven worldbeat ensemble including luminaries such as Jojo Kuo, Li’Nard, Jeremy Gaddie, Martino Atangana, Azouhouni Adou, Mem Nahadr and Willy White. The album was mastered by Grammy-winning recording engineer James P. Nichols. The record release was a multimedia extravaganza at S.O.Bs in NYC featuring special guests including Everton Sylvestor, Lipbone Redding (as a tuba-playing Elvis and MC), visual artist Debbie Sutton, DJ Cruz Missile and Hassan Hakmoun and his band Zahar. The show, and the album, were graced by the extraordinary literary talents of Gary Heidt.

In the mid-late 90’s she performed and recorded with spirit-based musicians including Gnawa master Hassan Hakmoun from Morocco; Frisner Augustin, vodou musician from Haiti, and acted as recording engineer for Sussan Deyhim, a multimedia vocal artist from Iran. She also toured with soca king Arrow (who wrote the famous song Hot, Hot, Hot).

She debuted her solo electrified trumpet persona, Electricmeg, at the Burning Man Festival in 1998 and dove head-first into the world of improvisational jazz, collaborating with Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Gary Heidt, Mem Nahadr, and many others.

What’s known as “Freejazz” is in fact an experience in self-knowledge, collaboration, and ultimately freedom from the restrictions of indoctrination.

In 2001, she leased a 4,000 square foot loft in Newark NJ and began building an artists’ live/work space, which eventually grew to 12,000 sq feet and had 10 private rooms and 2 performance spaces.

In 2008, she moved with her family to Sullivan County NY, where she has been engaged in writing, ethical entrepreneurship, composing, understanding water and water issues, homesteading, photography and researching quantum physics.

At this point in time, she is committed to presenting high quality creative work in upstate New York, including her own ensembles as well as other exceptional work, and teaching the connection between quantum physics, meditation & creative energy. Her band, the Bliss Ensemble, has performed 3 years in a row in Sullivan County.

In 2017, she won two grants:

The Value of Nature Multimedia Extravaganza won The Sullivan County Artist in the Community Decentralization grant.

The second grant was the Sullivan Heritage Grant for the 1st Annual Liberty Festival, presenting lectures, workshops and performances to inspire self-sufficiency and engage creative energy toward the best possible future.

In addition, her artwork was shown in two different gallery shows in Sullivan County – Art in Sixes in November at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, and Radius in December at Gallery 222 in Hurleyville.

In 2018, she produced the Liberty Rising Festival, which allows the opportunity for community engagement toward elevating the quality of life, and Liberty Rising  has become a guerilla-volunteering movement. In October, she debuted her one-woman multimedia performance, the Language of Water.

In 2019, in addition to helping bring the crypto currency platform Digital World Exchange to life, she has been working with Tannis Kowalchek’s Farm Arts Collective developing the production of Shakespeare on the Farm which premieres Saturday, August 3 in Damascus, PA.

In the Fall of 2019, she will be performing an upgraded version of The Language of Water at local galleries and teaching the importance of Crypto Currencies.