This is my 3rd year making Wildcrafted Oregano Infusion Oil. It’s one of the most reliable, time-tested herbal remedies known to humanity, and my go-to remedy to prevent winter viruses.

Another way I use it is for the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of oil-pulling with very successful results. A few months ago, I visited the dentist this year for the first time in 5 years. Not only did I have very little plaque, but the dentist was scratching his head, wondering how it was possible that I have no signs of gum disease at my age and life stage.

This year I also used it topically to reduce pain after I wrenched my knee in a hiking accident.

My price is rock bottom – other sites are selling Oregano Infusion Oil for $30+/1 ounce!

wildcrafted oregano oil

I have a limited supply available this year. A 2 ounce bottle is $15. If you purchase more than one, I’ll send you dried oregano as a thank you! (while supplies last)

Additional benefits:

Supports the immune system
Promotes digestive health
Regulates menstruation
Sedative effect for allergies
Helps reduce headaches
High in vitamins A, C and E complex and the minerals zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese & niacin.
Fights ear infections (placed outside the ear)
Fights tooth pain


As a preventative against viruses: 3 – 5 drops a day in warm water
To speed the recovery of a full-blown virus: half a dropper full straight into mouth
Topically: mix with a dab of coconut oil and rub hands, for an instant hand sanitizer or to heal cuts, burns or bites

You can also use it in cooking!

This batch of Oregano Oil will be ready for shipment October 15th, and expires in October 2019. Store in a cool dry place.


Or save on tax & shipping by paying with:

bitcoinSend $15 per bottle to the following address, then email me with verification and your shipping address (meg (@) electricmeg dot com) or via the contact page.

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Wildcrafted Oregano Infusion Oil

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